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Lab Tech Hotplates LabTech Hotplates series are designed to meet laboratory daily heating requirements. Their unique fe.. Product #: Hotplates 2 - 3 Days


Brand: Lab Tech
Product Code: Hotplates
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Weight: 0.00kg

Best in safety, flexibility and durability

Among the numerous instruments in use in modern labs for sure hot plates are not well treated. The greatest attention goes to more sensitive and expensive instruments. This is why our R&D team has worked hard to realize simple but extremely robust instruments capable of facing multiple heavy containers, chemical aggression and a non-friendly treatment by lab workers. The result is a 19-strong line of heavy-duty instruments that can meet the daily expectations of lab managers and technicians. Regardless the line common characteristics are microprocessor control, durable and stable operation, corrosion resistance surface, robustness and compactness.

EH Series

8 models featuring temperatures from ambient to 200°C or 350°C, heating surface in PTFE coated aluminum alloy or stainless steel, a large heating area 40x30 cm. The EH20R includes a wireless remote controller for real-time monitoring and setting.

EH 45 Series Graphite

4 models featuring temperatures from ambient to 450°, plain graphite or ceramic coated graphite for extra chemical resistance heating surface.

EG Series

7 models featuring temperatures from ambient to 200°C, 350°C or 370°C, different kinds of heating surface materials, an extra-large heating surface of 60x40 cm and a handy remote control.

S Series

3 models derived from the EH series covering temperatures from ambient to 200°C, 350°C or 450°C and featuring programmable multipoint heating, saving method and dual temperature sensor design.

 8 Good reasons to choose LabTech Hotplates

  • Compact footprint
Saves precious bench space
  • Chemical resistance
Long lasting operations
  • Flexibility
Multiple users
  • Ease of use
Even junior lab technicians feel at ease
  • Fast heating
Time saving
  • Uniform temperature regardless the sample position
Different containers can be accommodated
  • Robustness
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
A solution for any budget

Main Applications

  •  Biochemistry
  •  Biology
  •  Clinical
  •  Environment
  •  Food and Feed
  •  Pharmaceutical