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Lab Tech Thermostatic Baths LabTech Thermostatic Baths can virtually cover the needs of routine work in a wide range of laborato.. Product #: Thermostatic Baths Pre-Order

Thermostatic Baths

Brand: Lab Tech
Product Code: Thermostatic Baths
Availability: Pre-Order
Weight: 0.00kg

Best in performance, reliability and easy to use

Incubating is a widespread operation is many labs. A simple, easy to use and low-cost solution is water bathing, among other techniques. Non-circulating and circulating water baths are available but the last ones are ideal for applications when consistency and temperature uniformity are crucial. LabTech focuses on circulating baths that cover numerous applications. With temperatures ranging from -40°C to 100 and capacities of the bath from 6 to 25 liters the needs of an average lab can be satisfied.

9 Good reasons to choose LabTech Thermostatic Baths

  • Internal and external circulation functions
Double function provides plenty of flexibility
  • Cooling and heating functions
Two functions within the same instrument
  • Robustness
Long durability
  • Precise and stable temperature control
A crucial issue for numerous samples
  • Wide temperature control range
Wide applications
  • Low noise level
Lab workers comfort
  • High performance
Peace of mind
  • Quick heat-up and cool-down times
Saves precious time
  • Standard and specially designed tube racks available
Numerous applications

Main Applications
  •  Calorimetry
  •  Distillation
  •  Electrophoresis
  •  Fermentation
  •  Photometry
  •  Polarimetry
  •  Rheometry
  •  Rotary evaporation
  •  Viscosimetry