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Dueperthal COOL line standard Type 90 The DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets for active storage guarantee you conformity with the regulatio.. Product #: COOL line standard Type 90 2 - 3 Days

COOL line standard Type 90

Brand: Dueperthal
Product Code: COOL line standard Type 90
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Weight: 0.00kg

Your technical advantage

» Optimal management of liquids during supply and disposal.

» The risk of an accident due to overflling is minimised.

» Effective and monitored object and air curtain extraction when flling as well as ventilation in each cabinet level ensure the reduction of explosive atmosphere and increase health protection.

» The integrated earthing concept includes inner and outer conductive surfaces as well as the connection of all electrically conductive components with the potential connection to the cabinet body.


Your economic advantage

» Decentralised storage with media available directly at the workplace means work simplifcation and time saving.

» Safety processes can be optimized and defned for simple documentation in your risk assessment.

» The explosion protection concept recommended in the GS certifcation can be incorporated in the explosion protection document and facilitates the documentation.

» Falling consumption of chemicals reduces procurement and disposal costs and spares the environment (CO2 balance).