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Dueperthal CLASSIC line Type 90 Your classical standard solution for the storage of hazardous substances: The CLASSIC line – highest.. Product #: CLASSIC line Type 90 Pre-Order

CLASSIC line Type 90

Brand: Dueperthal
Product Code: CLASSIC line Type 90
Availability: Pre-Order
Weight: 0.00kg

Fire resistance (FR) of 90 minutes. Safety storage cabinets with classical or easy moving, one-hand wing door technology for the storage of hazardous sibstances in working spaces according to TRGS.

1.Classical wing door technology Easy-moving wing door technology is the correct solution for a multitude of possible applications.

2. One-hand wing door technology The wing doors can be easily opened with minimum effort via a handle with a single operation.

3. Storage shelves Storage shelves offer the largest storage capacity and ideal use of space due to their height adjustment at a pitch of 16 mm (0.63 inch). 2 3

4. Pull-out shelves Containers can be safely stored with both hands due to the easy-moving pull-out shelves.

5.Double pull-out stop (patented) A double pull-out stop prevents several pull-out shelves from being pulled out at the same time.

6. Self-closing in case of fre The closure control system guarantees that in case of fre the pull-out shelves are retracted and only then are the doors closed.