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Lab Tech Vacuum Pumps The LabTech vacuum pumps are totally oil free, featuring an advanced design, low noise level, high e.. Product #: Vacuum Pumps 2 - 3 Days

Vacuum Pumps

Brand: Lab Tech
Product Code: Vacuum Pumps
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Weight: 0.00kg

Compact, silent and best in design

In spite our membrane pumps have been created as ancillary items for our rotary evaporators they are pretty successful even in case of other applications such as vacuum filtration, degassing, impregnation, drying, rotary evaporation, distillation and so on, having being conceived for laboratory operations to meet the highest expectations for precision, reliability and ease of use. Compact and light they can be easily moved according to the user requirements. 3 models are available featuring pumping speeds from 18 to 50 L/min.

6 Good reasons to choose LabTech Vacuum Pumps

  • Oil free
Trouble free
  • Low noise and vibrations
Lab workers comfort
  • Large vacuum volume
Wide applications
  • Anticorrosive coating
Long service
  • Compact and light
Saves precious bench space and easy to move
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
A solution for any budget

Main Applications

  •  Degassing
  •  Distillation
  •  Drying chambers
  •  Gel drying
  •  Impregnation
  •  Rotary evaporation