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Idrosoleil is a photovoltaic inverter designed to be coupled with motor-driven pumps.

PV String Box

The PV-STRING BOX is a connecting box equipped with a control logic.

Monitoring Systems

SIEL offers monitoring systems that guarantee continuous remote supervision to its customers and to the SIEL Service department.

Soleil DSPX

The three-phase Soleil DSPX range offers the highest yield in the industry through the use of updated components and advanced design and production technologies, now enriched of the new Master&Slave feature and certified by third party.

Soleil DSPX Outdoor

Soleil DSPX OUTDOOR maintains the characteristics extensively tested on the Soleil DSPX series and through a new technology makes it suitable for outdoor installations keeping the feature of the Master&Slave function and certified efficency.

Soleil Power Station

The experience gained in the field of renewable energies and attention to energy efficiency have guided the making of the Soleil Power Station, the new integrated “plug & play” solution for a direct connection to the medium voltage grid and injection of the generated energy.

Soleil SKID

SKID Soleil is an ideal choice for “plug & play “ solutions for medium and large photovoltaic systems and solar plants.

Soleil Hybrid Storage

Soleil HS is a “plug and play” concept for hybrid and storage systems .

String Inverter

High efficiency, reliability, ease of installation and use are the qualities that have positioned the new range of SIEL inverters among the most innovative products in the photovoltaics industry.