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Powder Weighing

Powder Weighing

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Asbestos Inspection Cabinet

Asbestos Inspection Cabinet is a HEPA filtered ductless safety cabinet which provides operator protection from fibres and articles.

Powder Weighing Stations | XIT Plus

This powder weighing stations – the XIT plus cabinets offer unobstructed 360˚ all-round view and has trapezium shaped front access (285mm height) with double hinged doors for easy access to cabinet interior.  

Powder Weighing Stations | Excel Plus

Excel Plus powder weighing stations incorporate aerofoil technology and graded rear back baffle to ensure reduced turbulence and precise control of horizontal air flow across the entire width of the working access.

Weighing Station | F3-XIT

Weighing Station – F3-XI – These cabinets have a very small footprint and excellent all-round vision.

Powder Weighing Stations | Excel Plus Ducted

The powder weighing stations for precision weighing applications, for protection from particles whilst weighing and handling powders.

Powder Weighing Stations | Excel Plus Safechange

Powder Weighing Stations are suitable for weighing with a Micro Balance to 5/6 decimal places, providing the greatest protection possible for the safety conscious laboratory.