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duoPUR and subPUR

Milestone has developed the duoPUR and subPUR, sub-boiling distillation systems which allow laboratories to make their own high purity acids at dramatically reduced costs.


The Milestone subCLEAN is a compact and easy-to-use sub-boiling system suitable for the purification of HF, as well as for HNO3 and HCl.


The ETHOS UP fully embodies Milestone’s philosophy in microwave sample preparation.


Patented ultraCLAVE microwave digestion system achieves extraordinary performance capabilities combining SRC technology with the highest throughput of the biggest microwave reaction vessel of the market.


ETHOS X microwave extraction system allows quick heating of the cannabis material for terpene isolation. Solvent-free extraction process takes only a few minutes and prevents any thermal degradation often noticed during use of conventional extraction methods. The fresh and characteristic taste of strain-specific cannabis is maintained and high-quality terpenes are assured.

ETHOS X for Environmental

Microwave-assisted solvent extraction offers superior lab efficiency in the determination of organic pollutants with microwave green extraction technique. Typical applications include chlorinated pesticides, semi-volatile organics, PAHs, PCBs, chlorinated herbicides, phenols, organophosphorus pesticides, dioxins and furans

ETHOS X for GC and HPLC Analysis

Samples submitted for GC and HPLC analysis require pre-treatment. The fundamental step in sample pretreatment is compound extraction from the sample matrix. This is the least evolved -many people still use the Soxhlet extraction method invented in 1879-, most error-prone step in the overall analytical procedure.

ETHOS X for Natural Products

Available in two different and interchangeable configurations, for fragrances and for flavors, the ETHOS X takes advantage of the unique microwave microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity technique for high-quality essential oils extraction.

ETHOS X for Fat Determination

Traditional fat extraction methods are very labor intensive and time-consuming. Our ETHOS X performs determination of fat content in milk products simultaneously in just 90 minutes, having equivalent results with those obtained by reference fat determination methods.


The new Milestone flexiWAVE overcomes the limitation of conventional microwave synthesis reactors, as it consists of a single microwave platform that, in combination with specific accessories, allows the chemists to perform classic glassware and high pressure synthesis, as well as solid-phase reactions.


The Milestone synthWAVE is designed for safe, reliable and reproducible scale-up of microwave enhanced chemical reactions. The synthWAVE is capable of higher temperature and pressure than any other microwave reactors.

Ultratrace Inserts

We introduce the best of vessel-inside-vessel solutions to ensure lower analytical blank during microwave digestion in modern laboratory.



ETHOS EASY is the most advanced yet easy to use microwave digestion platform we have ever manufactured. It offers a perfect integration between microwave hardware, user interface, digestion sensors and pressure vessels.


traceCLEAN assures best cleaning quality of your TFM, glass and quartz parts for ICP/ICP-MS accessories. Any trace metal contaminants that are present in the cleaning acid stay within the reservoir and do not come in contact with the cleaned trace accessories.

ETHOS X for Environmental

Our integrated solution offers higher sample throughput and easier handling in microwave green extraction, while ensuring analysis quality, cost-effectiveness and faster turnaround time for environmental laboratories.